Facilitate the Industry Development and Growth

In 2000, a group of mobile application developers came together and formed “WAP Developer Group”, which aimed to promote the adoption of wireless technology as corporate solution. Nevertheless, they found that it would not be an easy job – Air-time for connecting mobile network was expensive, mobile network operators were using different interfaces to build their network, manufactures were not keen to develop mobile devices for commercial use. There were too many barriers for individuals or parties to enter the field.

In view of the issue, the Developer Group decided to form an industry association, in order to promote the collaboration between different stakeholders in the mobile industry. That is the starting point of Hong Kong Wireless Technology Industry Association (WTIA).

Throughout the years, WTIA keeps on taking the role as a super connector in the industry, associating developers, service providers and government, and work together to expedite the development of wireless technology in Hong Kong. In these years, we established centers with the theme of wireless and mobile technology, and also numerous seminars, awards and projects to popularize the usage of wireless technology. In the future, we will continue to implement more practical works that will help to advance the industry.

Our Core Focus Groups (CFGs)

Wireless technology covers many aspects of our lives, so many wonder what our Association does. This is not an easy answer as we have many focuses. The easiest way is to drill down to our 6 Core Focus Groups (CFGs) where we have dedicated committees leading and driving each.